House of

  Evangelistic Pentecostal Church

House of Refuge EPC was opened on April 4th, 2010…and hasn’t looked back since.  Under the leadership of Pastor John H. Grimsley, Jr. and 1st Lady Sylvia Grimsley, House of Refuge EPC is growing and the body of believers are learning to Live in Freedom! 


If you feel stuck…If you feel like you’re just spinning wheels…If you feel like life isn’t going anywhere…If you feel like what’s the use…Have No Fear!  Proverbs 14:26 “God has a Place of Refuge for YOU!”


House of Refuge EPC

place of refuge, safety

Vision Statement

To build a City of Refuge (Proverbs 14:26) that will exemplify the Love of Christ naturally and spiritually, so that the Election according to Grace can endure until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.    

vision for the elect seed

Mission Statement

By gathering and teaching believers to become the Light that cannot be hid (Matthew 5:14), House of Refuge EPC will light the pathway of salvation, hope and freedom for all in search of the Glory of God.

You can be a part and join us in Kingdom Building. Any donations you give will go
 towards Soul Winning. To make a Charitable Contribution please click the link below.
Thank you for Joining with Us!